Bury My Sins - King Of All Fears (CD)

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MwSt.-Betrag: 0,80 €
Genre: Hard & Heavy

Release Date: 25.10.07

Total Time: 37:42


Bury My Sins are back with a real monster of an album and just blow away all metal/metalcore stereotypes by simply doing what they do best. „King Of All Fears“ has become an emotional outburst about senseless wars and misery and the daily lies we all have to listen to. By teaming up with Rape Of Harmonies Studios Bury My Sins have perfectly managed to capture their trademarks such as roughness and directness instead of using over-produced plastic drums and extra distorted growls. „King Of All Fears“, the bands' second full length, is like a loaded weapon with 9 bullets full of fast, honest and heavy music. More than ever before, Bury My Sins in 2007 doesn't need to worry about international or national comparisons in the metal/metalcore scene.“


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