Falling Cycle - The Conflict (CD)

Diese CD hat alles was ein hervorragendes Debut braucht; das heißt: gutes Songwriting, nen fetten Sound, musikalisch auch vom Feinsten mit einer Mischung aus skandinavischem Metal und fettem Mosh. Check this Band out!!! (Allschools.net)

Falling Cycle liefern hier ein grundsolides und gutes Metalcorealbum ab.... das Quintett ist handwerklich stets auf der Höhe der Zeit und zweifellos versiert. (Legacy Magazine, 11 of 14 points)
Preis: 4,99 €
MwSt.-Betrag: 0,80 €
Genre: Hard & Heavy

Release Date: 20.01.03

Total Time: 32:12


Many bands can only dream about putting out a debut release that compares with the finest in their genre, from song writing to recording quality, to the final packaging, etc. Falling Cycle didn’t just dream about it, they accomplished it and in doing so have re-defined the standards for quality heavy music! Falling Cycle’s Debut CD “The Conflict” quickly became the most anticipated release in their US label’s history Facedown Records! “The Conflict” delivers 12 tracks and just over 32 minutes of intense and brutal songwriting from this Southern California band. This album will not dissapoint and is a must for fans of: In Flames, Shadows Fall, Darkest Hour, ZAO, Throwdown and Hatebreed!

In fact this CD is one of the best Metalcore albums of last time and a MUST for all fans of this genre!!! (Veganhardcore.de, 9 of 10 points)

Showing some nice musical skills while speaking of playing and writing their songs, Falling Cycle mosh you over with some heavy beatdowns and bring you joy with more melodic upbeat grooves … The whole album is kept in quite a nice flow, with a dynamic outcome from the beginning to the end. (Poisonfree.com)



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