Life In Your Way - Ignite and Rebuild (CD)

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MwSt.-Betrag: 0,80 €
Genre: Hard & Heavy

Release Date: 12.10.05

Total time: 40:31


In an era where the lines between new "screamo" and melodic hardcore are blurring, Life In Your Way's „Ignite And Rebuild“ serves up a full throttle blast that harkens back to the glory days of Hopesfall, Shai Hulud and Strongarm, while distinctly sprinkling their own spin on this revered style. Hailing from a tight knit Connecticut music scene that has produced a number of great hardcore stalwarts, Life In Your Way have continued the local tradition of crafting unique and innovative music beyond easy classification. With this amazing new album hitting streets, Life In Your Way will surely achieve their place amongst those great bands from the days before melodic hardcore were dirty words.


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