Various Artists - Songs To Set Hearts On Fire (CD)

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Genre: Hard & Heavy


In recent years the so-called "Spiritfilled Hardcore" scene has grown a lot and made a name in the worldwide hardcore scene. While everybody knows about bands like Strongarm, ZAO, xDisciplex AD, and Figure Four, most people can hardly name any bands that come from Europe.

This problem did not go unnoticed by Guideline Records, which thus responded with „Songs to set Hearts on Fire“, a compilation unlike any other. The fact alone that it is the first documentation of "European Spirit-filled Hardcore" makes this release special. Here are featured bands from all over Europe with different styles on one CD: Hardcore (Opposition of One, Today Forever) Metalcore (Callisto, Pistis I.H.A) Emo (The Flying Windmill) Punkrock (Day by Day, Stuck in Childhood) Rapcore (Arson) and Scandinavian hardcore (Silence the Foe, Soapbox). Quite simply, „Songs to set Hearts on Fire“ gives an overview of today's growing "European spiritfilled Hardcore" scene.

This CD contains 15 songs with a total playing time of 49:33. In addition, the great artwork makes this a compilation truly worth checking out. For further details, lyrics, band biographies and tour dates check:


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